An office building with three lower and nine upper storeys is currently being erected in Frankfurt city centre. The Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane was first used on this site in July to hoist steel girders in and out.

The MK 140 completed two more multi-day jobs on the site at the end of August and beginning of September for moving roofing materials such as gratings.

The crane’s small footprint meant that it could be assembled at a distance of just 9.5m from the building. That meant that only half the road had to be cordoned off.

“Another feature is that the new automatic setup status detection system means that incorrect entries by the crane driver during the configuration process are not possible. That ensures greater safety on site,” Liebherr said.

In Frankfurt, the MK 140's jib was set at an angle of 45° and used in trolley mode, in this configuration the lifting capacity at the jib head with a maximum radius of 58.5m is 1.9t.  

A radius of 40m was required to hoist the roofing material weighing up to 1.8t onto the 50m-high office building.