A 2t (2.2 USt) Igo 50 self-erector was recently delivered to Dawes, and is said to have attracted attention from users via open house days at all four Dawes locations: Milwaukee, Chippewa Falls, Madison, and Kaukauna. This crane has a maximum jib radius of 40m (131.2ft), and can fold down to 14.7m (48ft) in length.

Mike Wood, sales director at Dawes, said: “We wanted to become a Potain dealer because the products have yet to be widely introduced in the US, and we want to be pioneering in this respect. Most of our customers are involved in building smaller construction projects; mini-malls, condos and apartment blocks. Feedback has indicated that self-erectors, such as the Igo 50, are ideal for such work, particularly in downtown areas.”

Dawes’ current Potain inventory includes two self-erectors – a 1.8t (2 USt) Igo 21, and the Igo 50. Dawes also recently doubled its stock of model HDT 80 cranes, which a 4.5m by 4.5m (14.8ft by 14.8ft) footprint, and a 34m (112ft) hook height. Its maximum reach is 45m (148ft).