The new flat-top saddle jib will be available for customers as of September 2017. It is offered as the 6t version WOLFF 6020.6 clear and the 8t version WOLFF 6020.8 clear, with three different tower connections per version.

"Compared to its predecessor, the 6-ton version can lift 2t instead of 1.5t at the tip at a 60m jib radius, while the tip load capacity of the 8t version was increased from 1.5t to 1.8t," said Gerd Tiedtke, product manager at Wolffkran.

Like the WOLFF 6015 clear, both versions are designed for a pure two-fall operation.

A feature of the new machine is the installed 28kw hoist winch Hw 628.1 FU, which allows for faster working times with partial load speeds of up to 108m/min. In the 8t version, Wolffkran relies on the tried and tested 45 kW hoist winch Hw 845 FU.

The Wolffkran engineers redesigned the trolley by replacing the rollers with wheel flanges used previously, instead using now rollers without wheel flanges and a new guide roller on the jib, optimizing the run of the trolley.

The connection of the lower belt of the jib has also been redesigned to optimize the transfer of forces on the jib. This allows for the use of smaller, more practical bolts, which makes assembly easier.

Wolffkran said the WOLFF 6020 clear offers greater flexibility. “Since the counterweights are no longer included as standard in the basic crane package or the jib extensions, the customer can use counterweight blocks from his existing WOLFF fleet, or buy these separately as required,” said the manufacturer.

It will be available with three different tower connections. It can therefore be connected to the narrow UV 15 tower system as well as to the wider towers TFS 20 and UV 20.

"Inspired by customer feedback, we have fitted the counter jib with transport aids in the form a special support structure to securely hold up to three jib sections on the counter jib during transport", explained Tiedtke. Furthermore, the counter jib has been fitted with new railings that are suitable for attaching safety harnesses.

The WOLFF 6020 clear also features support beams for the easy positioning of the bracing rods that were introduced to the clear models several years ago and considerably facilitate assembly of the counter jib. A maintenance crane with a lifting capacity of up to one ton is optionally available to support maintenance work on the hoisting drive unit.