World’s largest crawler built by Sany

25 November 2021

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Shandong Haiwan Hoisting Engineering takes delivery of 4,500 tonne capacity Sany SCC45000A.

Chinese manufacturer Sany claims to have built the world’s largest crawler crane: the 4,500 tonne capacity SCC45000A. The crane has already been delivered to Shandong Haiwan Hoisting Engineering Co. which plans to use it for work in the country's nuclear power and petrochemical construction sectors.

According to Sany the crane has a 126 metre twin lattice boom which provides a maximum load moment of 98,000 tonne/metres. The twin boom can easily be switched to a single boom, to suit a range of applications. With the single boom its maximum lifting capacity is 2,000 tonnes.

The crane runs on four tracks and has eight engines. Size-wise it covers an area of nearly 4,200 m2, the equivalent area of ten basketball courts. The crane is transported in 200 30-tonne flatbed trucks.

The crane has a modular design, and 95 percent of its parts can be swapped with those of Sany’s other large-tonnage cranes.

“With an independently actuated Superlift counterweight system, a digital rotation drive and an integrated control system the machine features superior smoothness and millimetre precision in operation,” said Qin Xuqi, director of the Sany Crawler Crane Institute.

A short promotional video of the crane can be seen on YouTube here: with another on Sany India’s LinkedIn page here: