A rigged network of heavy cables and hoses supplying energy to crane systems can get in the way and be difficult to handle when goods are being moved around at speed. Igus is offering its Energy Chain System as an alternative to such festooning.

It works without hanging cable loops and so does not swing in the wind or when accelerating which with cables can lead to them catching on crane structures, the manufacturer says.

Igus admits that there has been scepticism in the past about whether its plastic Energy Chains could handle high push-pull forces. But it claims that it has overcome problems by redesigning the chain with an interlocking grip, similar to a groove-and-tongue design, creating a virtual seal for full protection from dirt or ice.

The Energy Chain System includes not just the plastic Energy Chain but also a ready to plug-in unit, Igus Chainflex cables and Chainfix strain relief, and the specified connectors