The all terrain, XCA5000, was successfully sold at Bauma China 2012, the company said. It is being extensively tested and debugged, and is expected to be used in engineering projects in September. The crane will be suitable for use on 3.6MW wind turbin projects.

XCMG’s 800USt and 1,200USt all terrain cranes have been performing in wind power and chemical projects in Qingdao, Hebi, Datong and Fuqing. The 1,000USt and 2,000USt crawler cranes have been put to use for nearly two years in national key projects in petrochemical, oil refining, ocean engineering sectors, as well as for building infrastructure.

The company has announced new products and features for markets in Southeast Asia, Brazil, and Europe. In Southeast Asia a new version of BY truck crane will be launched with adaptations for right-side operating. In Brazil, a modified version of BY truck crane will feature all-wheel steering. In Europe, the XCT-E truck cranes series feature improved power use, for energy conservation, environmental protection, and local standards. The company will also launch a new series of rough terrain crane, designed by its engineers in China and Germany and targeting customers in Europe, North America and India.