But I feel a little sorry for those neglected spaces where the cranes used to be. In a spirit of civic duty, I am proposing 10 different things you can do with an empty crane yard. You will no doubt be looking for something to do with your working day anyway, now that all of your cranes are being used.

-Sow a big grass lawn for pick-up football games

-Host a hot-air balloon rally

-Extend the offices by tripling the size of everyone’s desk

-Arrange bits of gravel into letters that form hateful messages about your competition visible only to passing aircraft

-Make an obstacle course with spare bits of jib and wire rope thimbles. see who can get around it fastest driving: a. forklift b. yard crane c. the owner’s Porsche

-Dig a secret tunnel

-Spread out and read your last 842 copies of Cranes Today, all at the same time

-Build an archery range

-Lie down in the dirt and worry about how long it will last.