The driving heart of each of these winches is the synchronous motor, developed and manufactured in-house. The new series comprises five motor sizes with a power output ranging from 60 kW to 210 kW. The maximum speed attained is over 4000 revs/min.

“The motor housing is permanently watercooled, ensuring optimum operating conditions. The new series benefits from an extremely compact build and a mass moment of inertia which is low for electric motors. At 97%, these motors are very efficient,” said Zollern.

Another feature of the Zollern synchronous motor is the integrated brake and emergency stop. According to the manufacturer, this is easily accessible when servicing, therefore there is no need to disassemble the motor.

Zollern said that combining its electric motor with the planetary flange drive gearbox makes it possible to achieve an extraordinarily compact build as required for many applications, and also enables further crane cost savings.