Zoomlion will show several tower cranes, a rough terrain crane, an all-terrain truck crane and the newly-designed V-series QY120V633 truck crane.

This 5-axle, combined suspension truck crane is within 55t deadweight in driving condition. Axles one and two adopt hydro-pneumatic suspension and axles three, four and five adopt leaf spring suspension. This makes axles one and two unlock and lock individually. The QY120V633 has three driven and three steered axles.

The six-section oviform boom has a 58.5m lifting height and an 85m lifting height with a jib fitted. Zoomlion said the internal interlocking system of the telescopes is “extremely light weight and functional,” requiring little installation space.

The TCT7527-20 tower crane has been optimised. The jib can be dismantled in the air and a new HPV slewing mechanism starts and stops smoothly with small impact, according to Zoomlion.