The newly-formed firm, China Communications Construction Company, raised more than HK$15.3bn (US$1.97bn) in an initial public offering of shares.

After its first day of trading on 15 December, the company’s shares closed at HK$6.33 (US$0.81), up from the IPO price of HK$4.60, with 1.7bn shares traded.

In an unaudited interim financial report published for potential investors, the company reported its third-quarter and first nine months results.

It reported third-quarter revenues of 3.9bn RMB (US$498m), up 26% on the figures a year ago. It reported net profits of 429m RMB (US$54.7m) for the same period.

Over the nine months to 30 September, total revenue amounted to 12.1bn RMB (US$1.55bn) and net profits of 1.19bn RMB (US$151m), up about 29% year on year.