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XCMG cranes used in Antarctica
15 January, 2018 Four XCMG truck cranes are being used for the reconstruction of the Brazilian scientific research station Comandante Ferraz in Antarctica, which burnt down in 2012.
  • 3D printed offshore crane hook passes test
    In the first week of 2018, the world’s first 3D printed offshore crane hook— manufactured by Huisman—successfully passed its load test (80t) and all associated quality control checks.
  • Mammoet and Stoof’s vision comes into focus
    Piet Stoof first talked about his idea for a new design of very heavy lift crane with Cranes Today in 2013. Now, Mammoet has further elaborated the concept and is ready to build it. Stoof and Mammoet innovations director Wessel Helmens explain an extension of the original concept that will allow the giant crane to be assembled vertically in cramped spaces at working refineries. This effectively has led to two new types of crane. Will North reports.
  • Hitachi Sumitomo in Switzerland
    Swiss contractor Gebr. Brun has invested in a new Hitachi Sumitomo SCX800A-3 to replace one of its existing crawler cranes. The company’s fleet includes three KH180-3s and one KH150-3.


Unravelling rope manufacturing
29 December, 2017 Daniel Searle, editor of our sister magazine, Hoist, visited Casar as part of a tour of German factories, and learnt about the care taken in rope manufacture.
  • Climb every mountain
    Felbermayr took three nine-axle, 750t Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1 all terrains 1,700m up into the Alps, for a wind farm installation.
  • Smooth gear change
    Pfeiffer Cranes put a Manitowoc Grove GMK6400 and GMK4100L-1 to work on a wind turbine maintenance job at Musselroe Wind Farm in Tasmania. Woolnorth Wind Farms, owner and operator of the Musselroe location, contracted turbine manufacturer Vestas Wind Technology to manage the replacement work.
  • Quick and easy
    Demand for self-erectors is increasing all over the world thanks to their flexibility and mobility, even when they are full erected. Paola De Pascali reports.
  • Urban boom
    There is no doubt that the Australian crane market, led by urban development, is in recovery mode. The rejuvenation and expansion of Australia’s cities and infrastructure continues unabated, spurring demand for tower cranes, all terrains and mini crawler cranes.


A year of slow improvement
18 December, 2017 It's the time of year when I look back over previous copies of Cranes Today to see what the industry has achieved. I think it's fair to say that 2017 has not been a great year—few sales records have been set, the big trade show had few big surprises—but it has not been a bad year.
  • Conflicting interests, split opinions
    I've had a series of interesting conversations over recent weeks. It's a time of year when we get many invitations to product launches and factory open days. I've also had a chance to catch up with a few senior executives as they take on new roles, or as their companies go through a transition.
  • A ladder into the crane industry
    This month, we look again at the important role training and certification plays in the industry. There's some good news from the two big certification outfits, the NCCCO in the US, and ECOL in Europe.
  • Fibre rope returns to the mainstream
    The potential benefits of fibre rope, versus the steel wire rope routinely used in the industry, have for a long time been a focus for crane manufacturers and rope experts. When I started on this magazine, a little over ten years ago, crane engineers were considering ways to overcome problems with how rope would (or rather, would not easily) spool on the drum. Today, those issues appear to have largely been fixed, not by major changes to crane design as we then thought, but by new ropes that can largely be used in the same way as steel wire rope.
  • Stronger fleets, in a stronger Fleet File
    As the crane rental industry around the world leans towards recovery—we saw confidence at ConExpo in the USA, and, as described in this issue, at Vertikal Days in the UK—many this year will be hoping to see fleets upgrading and growing.


Sponsored: Lifting The Same Load With A Lighter Wire
17 May, 2017 Green Pin® introduces the Power Sling® Shackle in action!
  • Sponsored: Green Pin Power Sling® Shackle Lift the same load with a lighter wire
    Green Pin® introduces the Green Pin Power Sling® Shackle. The Power Sling® has a revolutionary design that enables you to lift the same load with a lighter wire. This means the Power Sling® lets you save up to 20% on synthetic- and steel wire rope costs, giving you more competitive power. That’s our kind of power. Power to the Wire.
  • Sponsored - World’s largest ever crane auction
    A two day public ‘disposal auction’ that includes 130 cranes (from 220 ton down to 35 ton All Terrain and City cranes) plus more than 500 significant lots of general construction equipment from the administration of Hewden Stuart Ltd will be sold by Euro Auctions at the Newark Showground in Nottinghamshire at the request of the administrators at Ernst & Young on Thursday 02 /Friday 03 March.
  • Sponsored: The History of Åkerströms Björbo AB
    Founded in 1918, Akerstroms Bjorbo AB develops, produces, markets and services robust products to a global market for radio remote control of industrial cranes, mobile applications, door-opening systems and locomotives.