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New Zoomlion-Jost flat top targeted at Chinese market
26 August, 2014 Zoomlion-Jost flat top tower cranes are to be promoted on the Chinese domestic market following successful sales to international markets.
  • XCMG in kiloton crawler crane export
    Chinese crawler crane manufacturer XCMG says an order for an XGC16000 (1250t) from an Indonesian customer is putting it on the map in terms of kiloton Chinese crawler crane exports.


Rigid and flexible, light and heavy
28 August, 2014 This summer, TII’s Scheuerle division invited press and clients to the handover of its biggest ever bridge girder, the STB 550, to the UK’s Collett Transport. Will North spoke to TII Sales president Bernd Schwengsbier about the company’s record of innovation.David Collett explains why his company chose the STB550, and we look at it’s first job.
  • The impact factor
    Goldhofer’s Innovation Days customer event this year gave the company a chance to show off new products, including a new 60t SPMT, a transporter with an expanding wheel base, a new axle system for its semi-trailers, and the firth of its Faktor 5 bridge girders. Will North reports from the event.
  • Rising above the ruins
    Italy has a long and proud history of crane-building and was for many years one of the world’s leading markets for both rough terrains and tower cranes. Today though, it’s domestic market is decimated and crane builders are having to look for new opportunities. Will North visited some of these and Samoter in Verona.


It takes an industry
27 August, 2014 There's a saying that it takes a village to raise a child. I think it's fair to say that it takes an industry to train and support a crane operator.
  • A new Fleet File approaches
    Some of our more observant readers (many of you, I am sure) will have noticed that this June we missed our regular Fleet File feature. For the past seven years, we've run this listing of crane fleets around the world in every issue.
  • Time again for innovation?
    Over the last few years, difficult post-crisis market conditions and the engineering challenges of complying with strict engine regulations have slowed development across much of the crane industry.
  • Get noticed in Cranes Today
    I'm often asked what it takes to get featured in Cranes Today. I know there are many magazines out there that tie their editorial coverage directly to who buys ads (I've worked for a few; it's not a good way to put a magazine together). But we don't work like that. Our focus has always been on putting a good magazine together that will interest our readers, and sometimes even give them some helpful ideas about how to make more of their business. I do think advertising in a magazine like ours is a good way to get your brand out there. But it's not the only way to get featured in the magazine.
  • EU machinery safety plan hits a wall of cheese
    For more than five years, the European trade associations FEM and CECE, who both count crane manufacturers among their members, as well as three other machinery trade bodies, have been working to promote an improvement of the EU's market surveillance framework. This is a key way of ensuring that cranes sold in the EU are safe and environmentally friendly, and that regulation is imposed on all manufacturers equally, preserving fair competition.