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Manitowoc Crane Care appoints Australia representative
16 December, 2014 Manitowoc Crane Care has appointed Australia’s Darwin Crane & Machinery Services (DCMS) to provide after-sales support to its customers in the Northern Territory region.


Campaign to save centurion crane
13 November, 2014 The oldest remaining hammerhead crane in the UK has been identified as one of the ten mostendangered buildings in the country.
  • Tower of power
    Soaring demand for electricity around the world, particularly in emerging markets, is prompting a boom in power plant construction. As prefabricated concrete sections and other components get bigger, to allow for faster construction, so does the need for high capacity tower cranes. Steve Powney reports
  • Quake recovery leads the way
    New Zealand’s construction sector is one of its largest and most economically important, employing over 7% of the workforce and growing. It generates around NZ$30bn (US$23.4bn) of gross revenues annually, Chris Webb reports.
  • Batting below average?
    Australia’s construction sector has failed to hit forecasts as commodity prices have fallen. Chris Webb looks at analysts’ outlook for the sector, and visited CICA to report on the cranes on show.


Right to strike?
13 November, 2014
  • Looking back, seeing how far we've come
    This issue, our backpage features an interview with George Cossington, who entered the crane industry in the 1950s. Cossington told Spitalfileds Life, a London history blog, how he came to the industr y as part of a family of steeplejacks. He describes his father insisting that here, in construction, rather than in the Merchant Navy he had wanted to join, he'd find a secure job with a pension.
  • Paying attention to process
    This summer, I toured Japan, visiting four of the country's biggest crane exporters. On the way, I think I learnt a little about the importance of process. While some of these ideas were first implemented in factories, I think they can also offer insights into how we can work better on a job site or in an office.
  • It takes an industry
    There's a saying that it takes a village to raise a child. I think it's fair to say that it takes an industry to train and support a crane operator.
  • A new Fleet File approaches
    Some of our more observant readers (many of you, I am sure) will have noticed that this June we missed our regular Fleet File feature. For the past seven years, we've run this listing of crane fleets around the world in every issue.