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Collett delivers 170t transformer
15 May, 2019 Collett has transported a 17t Hyundai transformer from Port Sutton Bridge to Eaton Socon Substation in St. Neots, UK.
  • Skidding a transformer
    Portsmouth, UK-based lifting, transport and storage specialist Rapid Response Solutions (RRS) overcame a series of challenges to install a 45,000kg transformer at East Cowes Power Station on the Isle of Wight.
  • Stronger together in UK
    Hiab, the on-road load handling equipment specialist, has begun importing and servicing Effer cranes in the UK, following the acquisition of the Italian crane manufacturer last year.


Deep mines, tall towers
22 April, 2019 Shem Oirere reports that a growing economy promises an infrastructure boom in Africa, with mining and general construction also boosting demand for lifting equipment.
  • Top 100
    The 100t lattice crawler is a traditional crane for most worksites, but newer types of crane have been encroaching on its space. Julian Champkin finds there is life in the crawler yet.
  • Turning tides
    The Thames Tideway project in London replaces a Victorian sewerage system that was a wonder in its day. Julian Champkin looks at the many lifting tasks and problems of such a huge infrastructure project.
  • Last mile delivery
    Felbermayr supplied lattice boom and all terrain cranes for the expansion of a wheat starch factory in the Lower Austrian town of Pischelsdorf.
  • Energy boost
    Through a series of case studies, we look at how the energy sector is creating demand for heavy lifts and special transport in the USA.


Digging deep for opportunity
18 April, 2019 In this issue, two of our lead features look at the impact of infrastructure projects on demand for lifting equipment.
  • A sliding window of opportunity
    There is a concept in political science known as the Overton Window, after its creator, Joseph Overton. Overton argued that political policy is set within a window—ranging from 'more free' to 'less free'—of public perception of acceptable ideas. Over time, the limits of this window of acceptability change, and the policies politicians propose change with them.
  • Looking back
    This month, I've been taking a look back over our news coverage for 2018. There have been quite a few significant developments over the year.
  • Digital disruption
    Security expert Bruce Schneier has, for decades, warned of the overlooked risks associated with the computer age. Sometimes, politicians, regulators, and industry leaders have paid heed.
  • An inventive season
    We have a surprising flurry of new crane launches this month. This includes a series of new tower cranes, new loader cranes, and a new rough terrain.


Sponsored: Lifting The Same Load With A Lighter Wire
17 May, 2017 Green Pin® introduces the Power Sling® Shackle in action!
  • Sponsored: The History of Åkerströms Björbo AB
    Founded in 1918, Akerstroms Bjorbo AB develops, produces, markets and services robust products to a global market for radio remote control of industrial cranes, mobile applications, door-opening systems and locomotives.
  • Sponsored: Kobelco celebrates order of Mammoet for 17 units Kobelco cranes at Bauma
    On Thursday 14th April 2016, the 4th day of BAUMA 2016, KOBELCO celebrated the order of MAMMOET for 17 units KOBELCO cranes with a speech and handshake followed by a traditional Japanese sake ceremony with the MAMMOET team and the KOBELCO team dressed in MAMMOET red Japanese happi coats. Ceremonial hammers were used to break open the sake barrel, after which the sake was shared with the gathered crowd in typical Japanese square wooden cups with the logos of MAMMOET and KOBELCO branded on opposite sides. KOBELCO also handed over to MAMMOET: a Kabuko samourai helmet, sword and bow with arrows.