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Trailer Power Assist saves on trucks
07 August, 2020 Mammoet was able to transport 430t components for a nuclear fusion reactor using only two tractor units thanks to the Trailer Power Assist (TPA), which was co-developed with Scheuerle.
  • New Manitowoc CEO
    Aaron Ravenscroft—currently the executive vice president of Cranes at Manitowoc—is succeeding Barry Pennypacker as the manufacturer’s new president and CEO, as well as becoming a member of the board of directors.
  • ESTA calls for greater onshore wind safety focus
    Tom Klijn, the director of the European mobile crane and special transport association ESTA, has written to Wind Harmony to call for greater emphasis on lifting and transportation safety during the construction of onshore wind farms.
  • Tower crane dismantling at 300m
    As the Crown Sydney construction project topped out, the Men from Marr’s (Marr Contracting) had to dismantle their bespoke M390D crane, which was working on site for the past 27 months.


Turning point
14 July, 2020 With a number of new entrants, the small market for hydraulic luffers has become crowded in the last few years. Is the evolution of this market posing a threat to traditional luffers? Sotiris Kanaris reports.
  • Bridging Europe
    Bridges of various sizes have been installed, transported or dismantled around Europe in recent months, Sotiris Kanaris reports.
  • Harbouring resources
    Mobile harbour cranes' versatility has made them extremely attractive to ports all over the world. Julian Champkin looks at the market.
  • Focus on fuel
    There is a strong innovation drive among reachstacker manufacturers, as they are looking to lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Julian Champkin reports.
  • Heading Offshore
    The increased size of offshore oil and gas components has inevitably influenced the way they are being transported, Sotiris Kanaris reports.


Changing habits
10 July, 2020 Different types of tower cranes are popular in different markets, which is why the major manufacturers in this segment have more than one type in their portfolio.
  • The essence of essential
    I started writing this comment on the second day of Coronavirus lockdown in Britain. Our government last week advised us to stay home, but that didn't take: this being Britain, last Friday many pubs were full, and on Sunday, when we celebrate Mothers' Day, many thought it a good idea to take their aging mums out to catch a potentially fatal disease at flower markets and parks.
  • Competing on technique, not size
    For more than a decade, the world’s heavy lift specialists have been competing as to who is going to manufacture the biggest crane with the largest lifting capacity.
  • Bigger and Bigger
    In this issue we cover Barnhart’s acquisition of Viant Crane, a move that will further enhance Barnhart’s presence in the Midwest, where Barnhart already operates a number of branches. This is the second such announcement by the company in less than a year, as it previously entered into an agreement under which it will own the majority of assets of Burkhalter Rigging of Columbus, Mississippi.
  • Game on
    The Middle East is inevitably associated with oil production, as this industry has been fuelling the region’s economy for decades. Fluctuations in the price of the commodity have caused intense economic cycles and at times negatively affected construction activities.


Sponsored: Lifting The Same Load With A Lighter Wire
17 May, 2017 Green Pin® introduces the Power Sling® Shackle in action!
  • Sponsored: The History of Åkerströms Björbo AB
    Founded in 1918, Akerstroms Bjorbo AB develops, produces, markets and services robust products to a global market for radio remote control of industrial cranes, mobile applications, door-opening systems and locomotives.
  • Sponsored: Kobelco celebrates order of Mammoet for 17 units Kobelco cranes at Bauma
    On Thursday 14th April 2016, the 4th day of BAUMA 2016, KOBELCO celebrated the order of MAMMOET for 17 units KOBELCO cranes with a speech and handshake followed by a traditional Japanese sake ceremony with the MAMMOET team and the KOBELCO team dressed in MAMMOET red Japanese happi coats. Ceremonial hammers were used to break open the sake barrel, after which the sake was shared with the gathered crowd in typical Japanese square wooden cups with the logos of MAMMOET and KOBELCO branded on opposite sides. KOBELCO also handed over to MAMMOET: a Kabuko samourai helmet, sword and bow with arrows.