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PM appoints new sales directors
22 September, 2020 Italian knuckleboom manufacturer PM has appointed Stefano Ghesini as sales director for Italy and Marco Castiglione as export sales director.
  • Potains in Shenzen
    China Construction Seventh Engineering Division has deployed two Potain MCH 175 cranes (badged as MCH 170 in China) to projects in Shenzhen.
  • Hareket moves 6,200t ships
    Hareket Heavy Lifting and Project Transportation successfully completed the transporting of two passenger ships, weighing 6,200t each, from the shipyard zone to the floating docks.
  • Valla’s largest single order
    Manitex International has outlined the details of an order for Valla electric cranes valued at $2.5m by Collè Rental & Sales, of Sittard, Netherlands.
  • 1,000t on 800t Liebherr
    A 1,000 tonne test load was suspended from the hook of the LR 1800-1.0 at the Liebherr test site in Ehingen, Germany using the new 800t heavy duty head and a new hook block.


Winners and losers
16 September, 2020 Lattice boom crawler manufacturers have recently updated and enhanced their portfolio, but for classes that competition from telecrawlers is lower. Sotiris Kanaris focuses on the market for capacities of 300t and lower.
  • Tread Softly
    Ground can give way and the results can be catastrophic. It is not only soft ground that needs mats or outrigger pads before it can support the weight of a crane lifting a load. Julian Champkin investigates.
  • Time and Money
    Stuart Anderson, president of Chortsey Barr Associates, analyses the challenges crane companies face to comply with Covid-19 safety guidelines and finds that certain crane types offer lower contamination possibilities than others.
  • Survey: Impact On Rental
    Cranes Today asked crane rental companies from around the world how their business has been impacted by Covid-19 and their expectations for the next six months.
  • Superior lifts
    Superior Cranes of Rockingham, North Carolina, has used its brand new 1,250t (1,375USt) Demag CC 6800-1 for a challenging job at a petrochemical plant in Virginia.


The Bigger Picture
09 September, 2020 As some of you may have noticed, since the beginning of the pandemic we have been very careful as to how we cover its effects on our industry. Our aim was to let some time pass before covering this subject in-depth, so that we could provide a more accurate analysis on the impact.
  • Mix and Match
    Factory closures, reductions in motor traffic, significant falls in the number of flights were among the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, which contributed to a drop in the global demand for oil.
  • Hard times
    When Charles Dickens published his novel Hard Times as a serial in his weekly publication Household Words in 1854, the world was definitely different.
  • The essence of essential
    I started writing this comment on the second day of Coronavirus lockdown in Britain. Our government last week advised us to stay home, but that didn't take: this being Britain, last Friday many pubs were full, and on Sunday, when we celebrate Mothers' Day, many thought it a good idea to take their aging mums out to catch a potentially fatal disease at flower markets and parks.
  • Competing on technique, not size
    For more than a decade, the world’s heavy lift specialists have been competing as to who is going to manufacture the biggest crane with the largest lifting capacity.


Sponsored: Lifting The Same Load With A Lighter Wire
17 May, 2017 Green Pin® introduces the Power Sling® Shackle in action!
  • Sponsored: The History of Åkerströms Björbo AB
    Founded in 1918, Akerstroms Bjorbo AB develops, produces, markets and services robust products to a global market for radio remote control of industrial cranes, mobile applications, door-opening systems and locomotives.
  • Sponsored: Kobelco celebrates order of Mammoet for 17 units Kobelco cranes at Bauma
    On Thursday 14th April 2016, the 4th day of BAUMA 2016, KOBELCO celebrated the order of MAMMOET for 17 units KOBELCO cranes with a speech and handshake followed by a traditional Japanese sake ceremony with the MAMMOET team and the KOBELCO team dressed in MAMMOET red Japanese happi coats. Ceremonial hammers were used to break open the sake barrel, after which the sake was shared with the gathered crowd in typical Japanese square wooden cups with the logos of MAMMOET and KOBELCO branded on opposite sides. KOBELCO also handed over to MAMMOET: a Kabuko samourai helmet, sword and bow with arrows.