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Yale Cordage introduces new multipart sling
03 February, 2016 Yale Cordage has added a new heavy-lift multipart sling, Fortis2, to its industrial portfolio.
  • ALE reaches further
    ALE is developing a heavy-duty jib with lengths up to 100m, which can fit onto both the AL.SK190 and AL.SK350 cranes.


Lift to experience
29 December, 2015 A full range of crane rigging and attachments were on show at the recent LiftEx show in Liverpool, UK. Daniel Searle attended to see the latest developments.
  • A new luffer, better than the old luffer?
    New York’s tightly packed and quickly built skyscrapers, busy streets, patchy electricity, and maze of subways combine to make lifting in city uniquely challenging and highly regulated. As the NYC Department of Buildings seeks to restrict the use of older cranes, the diesel luffers that dominate the city’s skyline face new competition. Will North reports.
  • Go Forth and conquer
    The Queensferry Crossing, a replacement road bridge at the Forth Bridge site, is set to be completed and ready for traffic by the end of 2016.
  • East meets west
    The Chinese crane and construction sectors are following the country’s economy and developing quickly. Daniel Searle spoke to Terex’s management about the directions in which the Chinese market is heading.


The year gone by, and to come
01 December, 2015 This has been a good year in many ways for Cranes Today. I think that we've again achieved our editorial mission of keeping crane owners around the world informed of trends in their industry, and advocating for safe and efficient working practices.
  • A watershed moment?
    This quarter has seen big changes at the top at the US's biggest multiline, multinational, crane manufacturers. At Terex, Ron DeFeo is retiring from the company that he helped put together through a series of acquisitions in the 1990s and early 2000s. At Manitowoc, Glen Tellock is departing from the company after 24 years.
  • Papers, please
    This month, I've had a series of conversations about documentation. Written records are often a good way to show that correct safety checks have been carried out. A well-designed form can ensure that each check in and inspection is carried out. It can then be used to confirm the results of the inspection, to regulators or to anyone else with an interest.
  • Putting you in the spotlight
    At Cranes Today, we believe the most important thing we do is giving a voice to everyone in the lifting industry. We aim to make sure that our coverage includes not just the biggest crane manufacturers and their customers, but local hire firms and dealers, as well as smaller manufacturers, equipment and component suppliers. New features we've introduced recently will help us include more of these companies.
  • Getting engaged
    This month, we have two features looking at standards and regulation. Both illustrate the importance of crane owners and users working together to engage with the rules that shape the lifting industry. Too often, I think, influencing these rules is left solely to manufacturers. Often their interests coincide with those of their customers, not least because they flourish when their customers flourish. But these issues are often too important to be left to manufacturers alone.


Yale Cordage introduces new multipart sling
03 February, 2016 Yale Cordage has added a new heavy-lift multipart sling, Fortis2, to its industrial portfolio.
  • Aluminium crane pads from Solum
    Solum has developed a range of aluminium outrigger pads, reducing the weight of the units and providing a fully recyclable product.