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Huisman to deliver 1,600t crane
03 April, 2020 Huisman has signed a contract with PaxOcean Engineering for the delivery of a 1,600t leg encircling crane.
  • Through the roof
    German crane contractor Herrmann & Wittrock has used a Liebherr LTF 1060-4.1 truck-mounted crane from its branch in Gross Kienitz to hoist a work platform through a gym roof.
  • Tadano AT for Erregi
    Italian crane service firm Erregi from Pisogne has expanded its fleet with the addition of a 220t Tadano ATF 220G-5.
  • New Scanreco president and CEO
    Peter Lageson, currently member of the board of Scanreco, has been appointed as president and CEO of the radio remote control manufacturer.
  • Transformer replacement with Hydra-Slide
    Reynolds Transfer and Storage used Hydra-Slide hydraulic skidding equipment to complete the removal and replacement of a transformer at a utility company in its home city of Madison, Wisconsin recently.


Big changes
16 March, 2020 The last ten years have been very challenging for large crawler manufacturers, reports Stuart Anderson, president of Chortsey Barr. But, these tough conditions have prompted innovation, offering users more flexibility.
  • Lifting from below
    While the use of cranes underground may be limited, when they are used, specific adaptations are often required. Ian Vallely spoke to tunnelling experts about their requirements, and crane companies who’ve met these demands.
  • Fast growth
    Mini crane manufacturer Hoeflon has changed multiple premises in its 14-year history, as demand for its cranes kept exceeding the capacity of its facilities. Sotiris Kanaris met export manager David Fokker at the company’s new headquarters.
  • Design for purpose
    Sotiris Kanaris visits Nooteboom’s manufacturing plant and talks to Harm van de Logt, sales manager for Benelux, about the company’s products for the crane industry.
  • Game changer
    After years of development, Mammoet’s Focus is currently being fabricated. Sotiris Kanaris visited the company’s office in Schiedam, the Netherlands, and talked to Jacques Stoof, global director market development and innovation, about the new crane.


Competing on technique, not size
16 March, 2020 For more than a decade, the world’s heavy lift specialists have been competing as to who is going to manufacture the biggest crane with the largest lifting capacity.
  • The world looking in
    At the time of my visit to Japan, rugby fans where filling up the Rugby World Cup stadiums around the country, while Emperor Naruhito officially proclaimed his enthronement before dignitaries from about 190 countries. The spotlight is still on Japan, as the country is preparing to host the 2020 Summer Olympics.
  • Wind of change
    On the occasion of the UN Global Climate Action Summit and the Global Climate Strikes, renewable energy became a hot discussion topic among government leaders as well as citizens of countries around the world.
  • A wide ranging issue
    This month, we cover the industry about as widely as we could: at one end of the capacity scale, our regular correspondent Stuart Anderson takes a deep dive into the small telecrawler sector; on the other, feature writer Julian Champkin, visits the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant, where he saw one of the world's biggest cranes at work.
  • Checking research on checklists
    Checklists have become a routine part of modern life. In simple form, as to-do lists and shopping lists, they help us all keep track of the overlapping and numerous tasks of our day.


Sponsored: Lifting The Same Load With A Lighter Wire
17 May, 2017 Green Pin® introduces the Power Sling® Shackle in action!
  • Sponsored: The History of Åkerströms Björbo AB
    Founded in 1918, Akerstroms Bjorbo AB develops, produces, markets and services robust products to a global market for radio remote control of industrial cranes, mobile applications, door-opening systems and locomotives.
  • Sponsored: Kobelco celebrates order of Mammoet for 17 units Kobelco cranes at Bauma
    On Thursday 14th April 2016, the 4th day of BAUMA 2016, KOBELCO celebrated the order of MAMMOET for 17 units KOBELCO cranes with a speech and handshake followed by a traditional Japanese sake ceremony with the MAMMOET team and the KOBELCO team dressed in MAMMOET red Japanese happi coats. Ceremonial hammers were used to break open the sake barrel, after which the sake was shared with the gathered crowd in typical Japanese square wooden cups with the logos of MAMMOET and KOBELCO branded on opposite sides. KOBELCO also handed over to MAMMOET: a Kabuko samourai helmet, sword and bow with arrows.