Focus 30 closer to completion

14 July 2020

Mammoet’s Focus 30 crane has moved a step closer to completion, after the fabrication of its main boom.

The Focus 30 is a super lift pedestal crane that has specific features to realise vertical assembly (erection) of the boom system on a small assembly area. It has a maximum load moment capacity of 30,000tm. Mammoet believes that this crane can solve many problems associated with heavy lifting in confined spaces.

Mammoet selected experienced fabricators Hillebrand for this stage of the construction project. 

“All the contractors for the Focus 30 are based in the Netherlands and within a reasonable distance of our Schiedam office, which is where the crane’s engineering team is based,” explained Harold Zuidervaart, project manager. 

“Hillebrand has a lot of steel construction experience across various industries, including the fabrication of heavy cranes, and their Middelburg and Vlissingen facilities are well-equipped for this type of project. We were also familiar with them as Mammoet has previously transported and installed steel bridges and viaducts that they have fabricated.”

To save time on the project, Hillebrand’s fabrication work began before the full engineering for the Focus 30 crane was complete. The coordination between Hillebrand and Mammoet ensured both the engineering for the crane and the main boom’s fabrication could successfully run simultaneously. 

Hillebrand was supplied with the main tubulars of 690 quality, procuring the rest of the components for the fabrication. The boom has been fabricated in eight main parts and there were quality control procedures at all stages during the fabrication. Templates of each of the sections were fabricated to ensure they would all fit correctly. Several trial fits were then performed to test the components before they were designated final. 

Once deemed complete, the last stage of the fabrication could be carried out for each section, with the painting work performed in several batches. This means that when delivered to Mammoet, the boom will be fully finished. 

Overall construction for the Focus 30 crane is continuing on schedule, ready for the crane’s first project later this year. 

Earlier this year, Sotiris Kanaris visited the company’s office in Schiedam, the Netherlands, and talked to Jacques Stoof, global director market development and innovation, about the development of the new crane as well as the solutions it can provide. You can read the interview here.