Van Seumeren lends a hand to heavy crane users

13 September 2012 by Will North

Jan Van Seumeren, jr, the former CTO of Mammoet, has started a new independent heavy lift leasing and consultancy business, Re-Move, working with three former Mammoet managers. The company will seek to make heavy lift equipment available to users worldwide.

The Van Seumeren family business, Van Seumeren Transport, took ownership of Mammoet in 2000, paying €111m and adopting the name of its former rival. The family exited the business in 2011.

The new business, founded by Jan Van Seumeren, jr, will offer heavy lift equipment on a dry hire basis, without operator. The company says it will hold an independent position between crane rental companies, manufacturers of heavy equipment and banks/leasing companies.

Van Seumeren, jr, says, "We can see that it is difficult for many companies at present to invest in expensive cranes, yet there is a great deal of demand for capacity. With our leasing concepts we can offer companies very flexible capacity when and where they want it, all over the world without tying up their capital.

"We know the market through and through. That's also a source of our added value: we can provide personalised services. Thanks to our long-standing contacts with manufacturers, we can deliver state of the art equipment flexibly and quickly. Our worldwide network enables us to bring supply and demand together. Our knowledge and experience also makes us an interesting party for leasing companies and banks.'

It will offer customers a variety of lease forms for heavy lift cranes and vehicles, including worldwide shipping. The company will concentrate on cranes and heavy transport trailers, vehicles and alternative lifting equipment. Re-Move will build up its own fleet in this segment.

As an independent party, it will focus worldwide on crane rental companies, and traders in the heavy lift and transport market. It will also provide consultancy services in the field of inspections, certified valuations of cranes, trucks and trailers, and company valuations. It will also buy and sell new and used cranes, heavy transport equipment and alternative lifting equipment.

Jan Van Seumeren, jr, will be CEO of Re-Move. He will be joined by former Mammoet managers Bert Timmer (operations), Peter Bon (finance and legal) and John Casteleijn (buying, selling and marketing).

The Re-Move management team The Re-Move management team