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The authoritative source for the crane industry

Cranes Today is the original independent magazine of the international lifting industry. Launched 20 years before any other globally-focussed lifting magazine, it is the first and last word in lifting. When crane owners and users want to know about the technical state of the art, the latest changes to regulations and standards, or the key trends affecting their business, they rely on Cranes Today.

When they are looking for suppliers of lifting-related products and services, crane owners and users turn to the Cranes Today Buyer's Guide. Whether they want to find a local sling supplier who can deliver in a hurry, or a maintenance engineer that can strip down and inspect their crane, they know they'll find them in the world's most comprehensive crane industry directory.

Stand out among your rivals

The breadth of our basic listings means that your customers know they can rely on the Cranes Today Buyer's Guide to find the suppliers they need. It also means that you will want to make sure that your entry stands out.

The Cranes Today Buyer's Guide has been designed to give you a wide range of ways to explain your business to potential customers. Whether it's an enhanced entry that catches the customer's eye and offers more details about your business, a video that tells the story of your company or explains your latest innovation, or a White Paper that demonstrates your expertise, the Cranes Today Buyer's Guide is the medium for your message.

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