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Cream of the crop
24 July, 2023
The annual ESTA Awards celebrate the cream of the European lifting and specialised transport industry. We present a snapshot of this year’s winners, providing a perspective of the cutting edge work...
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Ports adapt to greening 24 July, 2023 The world is changing. Sustainability is becoming ever more urgent. Ports and docksides are playing their part to make it happen. Julian Champkin reports.
Economies of scale 24 July, 2023 Specialised transport is increasingly helping to make the world a more sustainable place. Julian Champkin reports
Reactor replacement 24 July, 2023 Lift and move by Mammoet’s Liebherr LR 1750 crawler minimises disruption at methanol plant.
New cranes or old? 19 June, 2023 When your crane is ageing it is time to get a new one… or is it? Refurbishment can bring older machines back to as new and may be a more economical and environmentally-friendly option. Julian Champkin reports.
Critical components 19 June, 2023 The area between the hook and the load is crucial to lifting safety and efficiency. Latest innovations underpin a sector that is booming. Cranes Today reports.
Bridge builder 19 June, 2023 16 bridge beams installed from just two positions by 700 tonne crawler.
High fibre 19 June, 2023 Fibre ropes promise to increase the overall lifting capacity of cranes. Some of the biggest gains may be seen on tower cranes. Recent launches by Liebherr and Wolffkran show how the technology is developing, writes Will North.
A class above 19 June, 2023 The ability to reach great heights with little radii means luffing jib cranes are in demand in cities around the world. Will North reports.
Opportunity knocks 24 May, 2023 The unique and specific requirements of specialised transport users in the lucrative US market has resulted in manufacturers developing equipment specifically for the region. Christian Shelton reports.
Digital disruptors! 24 May, 2023 The benefits of digitisation, backed by a tight team with a passion for cranes and extensive crane industry expertise, is the approach to crane procurement being pioneered by online crane rental platform MyCrane.
Race to install renewables 24 May, 2023 Offshore wind energy is a hugely important substitute for fossil fuels and wind farms – both seabed and floating – are a growth industry around the globe. The challenges, though, are considerable. Julian Champkin reports.
Flying sky high 24 May, 2023 Seven Liebherr tower cranes from Skyliners on Luxembourg airport jobsite.