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Your Crane Sales and Crane Rental Specialists

Dozier Crane & Machinery, Inc. is a Full Service Crane Sales & Rental Company. We provide our customers with the best quality cranes at competitive prices, with a consistently high level of customer service and customer support that is second to none.

We offer quality new and used cranes for sale and rental, as well as boom sales, OEM crane parts, crane transportation, crane financing, and mechanical services. With over 40 years in the crane industry, we are confident that our knowledgeable team of Crane Specialists can handle all of your crane needs.

The Dozier Companies strive to provide our clients with the best cranes at the best prices. Our customer service is our most important product!

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Dozier Crane and Machinery
155 Pine Barren Rd PO Box 1137 Pooler, GA 31322
Company Tel: (912) 748-2684
Company Fax: (912) 748-5361

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Company Type: Cranes Dealer

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