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BIMAT has over 40 years of experience specializing in the innovative manufacturing of all types of:

Rope Sheaves

Load Hook Assemblies

Laminated Hooks

Lifting Beams

Hook Blocks

and other related components.


Today we are a technology trendsetter and internationally recognised OEM and spare parts supplier for leading manufacturers of hoisting, conveying and drilling systems.

BIMAT was founded by the engineer Klaus Hibbeln in Bielefeld, Germany in 1976. Hibbeln used his extensive knowledge of the components industry to set up his company in Bielefeld in Ostwestfalen-Lippe region, one of the most important mechanical engineering regions in Germany.

As original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for rope sheaves with the well-known system suppliers of cranes, raw material extraction and material handling, BIMAT quickly achieved a high level of customer satisfaction by supplying first-class quality paired with products designed to meet requirements.

The product range was subsequently extended to include hook blocks, laminated hooks, stage machinery components and other related products. All products offered are developed, designed and manufactured by BIMAT.

Over the decades, BIMAT has supported the growth of many customers through its first-class service. Its long-standing partnerships with its customers have led to solid growth and made BIMAT a leading provider of original equipment and spare parts.

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Heidebluemchenweg 35, 33689 Bielefeld, Germany
Company Tel: +49 5205 9998 0
Company Fax: + 49 5205 9998 55
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