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De Haan SE - A prominent global player in the field of lifting blocks and wire rope end terminations. Both standard and customised products are manufactured entirely by our own hands.


The solid brand since 1898

The origins of the modern-day De Haan Special Equipment can be found in the year 1898 as cordage in the North-Dutch village of Musselkanaal. This company's speciality was the traditional manufacture of rope. The success factor of this company was due to its location beside the Groningen-Ter Apel canal, which was used at that time for the transportation of peat from the peat colonies. In later years, the assortment of the cordage was expanded with the introduction of fastening materials and other products. Thanks to the specialisation of employees, the expansion of the machine fleet and the growth of production capacity, the company has developed into a world player in the field of lifting blocks and wire rope end connectors for the offshore and onshore industries.


Our conditions for optimum performance

De Haan SE is familiar with working processes where safety and integrity of the end product are vital. De Haan aims to assist its customers in a manner that is flexible and focused on service. In order to provide transparent service levels, we offer you an overview of our qualities.

- Availability: De Haan SE works with an efficient production process and first-rate inventory management. The availability of quality products is extensive thanks to a sound network of suppliers and our own production equipment.

- 3D engineering: Our engineering team looks towards market developments, ensuring that we are always at the forefront of the best and most reliable innovations.

- Just In Time delivery: The speed of quotes and delivery is complemented by a "Just In Time delivery" (JIT), achieved by implementing a QRM system throughout our enterprise, which enables us to work on well-considered distribution of our deliveries as well as production processes and inventory management that is completely in-house, based on optimum infrastructure with our suppliers.

- Technical advice: De Haan SE works with consultants and service employees who assume responsibility for the best possible advice, where a dialogue with the customer being of paramount importance.

- Customer service center: The De Haan SE customer service centre supports the orders from start to finish. The superior level of service is maintained because we know our customers and we proactively anticipate their needs wherever possible.

- Digital offer inquiry: We offer our customers the opportunity to submit a digital quotation request on our websit.

- Digital product platform: De Haan SE strives for permanent availability of product information. Detailed general and current product information can be found on the website at the digital product platform.


Safety and certification

De Haan SE continuously works on optimisation of processes and quality assurance in all areas of our enterprise, the management of which is guaranteed by an intergrated quality management system. De Haan SE works with the following certifications:

- ISO 9001-2008

- Load testing certification for lifting blocks and ball weights

- Factory certificate

- II-B declaration (Machinery Directive (98/37/EG))

- ISO, DIN and EN weld certification

- RINA Workshop Approval

- Quality assurance in accordance with IIW guidelines (International Institute of Welding)

- DNV Type Approval for CR sockets



Sockets: open wegde sockets with pin and nut bolt, closed spelter socket, CR-socket, closed wedge socket, CRX-socket

Swivels: closed body swivels, CR-chain swivels, CR-rope swivels, ballweights, CRX-swivels, CRX rope swivel socket

Snatch blocks light type and heavy type

Hook blocks: one or multiple sheaves, standard reeve, speed reeve
Rope connectors

Hookblocks for overhead traveling cranes: one or multiple sheaves

Heavy duty products


Construction blocks



Contact details

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Transistorweg 3
9503 GT
Company Tel: +31 599 613300
Company Fax: +31 599 621168
Company Email: dehaan@dehaan-se.com
Company Website: www.dehaan-se.com

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Company Type: Manufacturer
URL: www.dehaan-se.com

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