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A USA industrial equipment store that puts lifting, material handling, safety and load monitoring products a click away from end users.

Solutions that can be used by anybody but feature cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art technology are drop-shipped to customers. Every item is provided by premium suppliers with stock held in the USA.

Much of our product range fits in our headline categories—Cranes & Hoists, Load & Weight Measurement, and Lifting & Rigging—but we also carry a variety of Material Handling, Storage & Guarding, Drops Protection, and other equipment.

The store stocks products from manufacturers including The Crosby Group, which presents a range of items used to make lifting and load securement safer and more efficient. It also stocks other Crosby brands: Accolift, BlokCam, Straightpoint, Gunnebo, Lebus, and Speedbinders.

Cranes & Hoists

Accolift’s material handling products include engineered manual and electric hoists, Patented Track cranes, and industrial carts and trailers. This is the first North American supplier of crane safety equipment to stock BlokCam’s range of camera and alert systems, following its acquisition by Crosby. Renewable energy is the latest sector that is pioneering use of this technology.

OZ Lifting is a provider of davit cranes, hoists, and other lifting equipment. It is best known for its range of composite products that, at 40% lighter than steel, offer incredible strength-to-weight ratio.

Reid Lifting’s various lightweight, portable, aluminum lifting systems, help users to achieve their operational and safety objectives.

Abell-Howe base- and wall-mounted jib cranes are commonly installed permanently in a facility, whereas a portable davit crane might be more suited to temporary use. The store’s jib cranes are often used with chain hoists.

DICA’s range of engineered thermoplastic outrigger pads, crane pads, and cribbing ensure that aerial devices, digger derricks, concrete pumpers, and smaller cranes can operate safely.

Load & Weight Measurement

Straightpoint’s load monitoring products provide information about movement of material in lifting, lowering, pulling, pushing, or jacking applications. The range includes the best-selling load cell, the Radiolink plus. Intelligent Weighing provides pallet trucks and scales.

Lifting & Rigging

Gunnebo Industries supplies products such as blocks, sheaves, components for chain and wire rope slings, shackles, and chain. The famous GrabiQ combines multiple functions in a single component.

Load binders or tie-downs are used to secure loads and cargo to transportation such as trucks, trailer beds and shipping. Our range includes forged lever and ratchet binders from Lebus and Speedbinders, which are tightened using a power drill.

Caldwell provides a range of below-the-hook lifting solutions for crane, material handling and other applications. We also stock Lift-It Manufacturing’s most common slings.

Other Products

A-Safe Inc. has selected a series of bollards and other protective guarding products for warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities, where you might also see Giant-Move’s hydraulic furniture movers, platform trucks, carts, shelves, drum dollies, and forked devices. 

P&I Supply has made available its range of GRIPPS products, a portfolio of tool-drops prevention solutions, helping people work at heights smarter and safer.

Malta Dynamics’ fall protection solutions are for end users in construction, aviation, manufacturing, warehousing, and masonry, while SpaceGuard Products portfolio includes physical barriers and safety guarding.

Kroy Sign Systems’ architectural and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) sign solutions complete the catalog.

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