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Fagioli, originally a transport business was created in 1955 by its founder, the late Mr. Giovanni Fagioli.

Over a short period of time Fagioli became a leading company in the handling and transportation of goods throughout Italy.

Continued investments in personnel and equipment soon lead the company into an ever-widening market in project shipping with destinations and origins around the world.

Clients began to return with more complex problems which required new and innovative solutions, which led Fagioli to develop and apply new ideas and technologies.


The company is currently solely run by Giovanni's son, Mr. Alessandro Fagioli, a dedicated, passionate and far-sighted man.

Over 60 years of experience has put Fagioli into the forefront of heavy transportation, lifting and applied engineering.

Within the last decade Fagioli has invested and acquired shares in other companies such as 'PSC Heavy Lift', now known as 'Fagioli Ltd' (a heavy lifting specialist providing services worldwide with in the civil, offshore, power and petrochemical industries), as well as important shipping and logistics companies.

This particular phase in Fagioli's growth is an on-going process with significant ramifications. Among other things, this has now given the company an international presence by providing complete door-to-door services up to and including final erection of heavy and extra-heavy project components world-wide, including the industry of modularized items.


These variegated activities compose the F.I.S. (Fagioli Integrated Services), a Total Supply Chain concept, unique in the Transport and Lifting market on a worldwide basis.


Who we are and where we want to go

- We are and strive to remain leaders in the design and engineering applied to specialized hauling, heavy lifting and hoisting activities and in the execution of complex activities of project logistics. We aim to be the best worldwide in performing the above mentioned activities in compliance with all necessary safety rules and regulations.

- We are "real and trusted" partners for our Clients starting from the feasibility study phase and supporting them with innovative solutions: the success of our clients is our strength.

- Being Fagioli: reliability, innovation, efficiency, care, pro-active behaviour, loyalty and a continuous quest for excellence are part of our spirit.


Our Values

1. Being Fagioli.
2. We are a group and work as a team.
3. We promote the growth of our young associates.
4. We communicate and delegate.
5. We believe in Know-How.
6. We are flexible.
7. We have courage, morality, integrity and sense of responsibility.



the World.... our Passion

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Fagioli S.p.A
Via Ferraris 13
S.Ilario d'Enza (RE)
Company Website: www.fagioli.it

Key Personnel

Martin Haynes
Email: m.haynes@fagioli.com Rudy Corbetta
Email: r.corbetta@fagioli.com

Company Details

Company Type: RentalCompany
URL: www.fagioli.it
URL: www.fagioli.com
URL: www.fagioli.com

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