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Quality in Control.

HBC-radiomatic, with its headquarters in Crailsheim (Germany), is one of the world's leading suppliers of radio controls for industrial applications. Whether controlling industrial and construction cranes, mobile hydraulic applications, winches or cranes for use in forestry, or special machinery, HBC-radiomatic offers a winning response.
HBC-radiomatic has been synonymous with outstanding quality for 70 years. We are particularly proud of our enormous depth of production on our own premises. Today, over 90 percent of the components for HBC radio controls are produced at the company's own factory in Crailsheim, Germany.

Optimum customization.

A major strength of HBC-radiomatic is in the area of special applications. We can help with all applications that require a customized product. After communicating with the customer, we define the specific requirements appropriate to the individual case and then develop a tailormade solution that works perfectly.
Possibilities are unlimited. Our existing product range allows thousands of alternatives, thanks to the enormous number of features that can be combined in countless ways. Our systems simply leave nothing to be desired.

Worldwide service

Today, HBC radio controls are in demand all around the globe. A worldwide sales and service network with 6 HBC subsidiaries and more than 40 reliable contacts guarantees quick availability of HBC products in more than 60 countries.



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HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Haller Strasse 45-53
Company Tel: +49 7951 3930
Company Fax: +49 7951 39350
Company Email: info@radiomatic.com
Company Website: www.hbc-radiomatic.com

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Company Type: Manufacturer
URL: www.hbc-radiomatic.com
URL: www.hbc-radiomatic.com
URL: www.hbc-radiomatic.com
URL: www.hbc-radiomatic.co.in
URL: www.hbc-radiomatic.ch
URL: www.hbc.cz
URL: www.hbc-usa.com

HBC-radiomatic's headquarters in Crailsheim
HBC-radiomatic's new component manufacturing facility in Crailsheim
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