Vision Modular Systems (VMS) UK is an offsite manufacturer of volumetric modular residential buildings. They are used in the construction of hotels, residential apartment buildings, and student accommodation. Manufacturing offsite means that the modules arrive on site ready to be lifted into place, reduces potential onsite delays such as bad weather or skills shortages.

VMS wanted to improve lifting operation by reducing the weight of its lifting frame, thereby minimising downtime and improving overall flexibility. The company turned to Britlift to provide a better solution.

Krzysztof Wylezek, General Manager of Vision Modular Systems UK Ltd, said: “We chose Britlift because they have a young, proactive team and were able to create a solution that perfectly meets our needs. This has become a standard product for us, using Britlift spreader beams within our lifting frame configuration.”

Britlift designed, manufactured and supplied lifting beams, telescopic spreader beams and adjustable chain sling sets, providing VMS with the capability to lift all types of modules, including on its pioneering 44-storey modular building in Croydon. Britlift’s engineering capability also reduced rigging weight by over 50 per cent, to around two tonnes. This enables quicker adjustment during the installation of different sized modules, reduces the overall rigging weight on the crane hook, and improves manual handling.

Liam Botting, Managing Director of Britlift, said: “Vision Modular Systems recognised that they had to save rigging weight, so we designed and supplied them with something totally new. Telescopic spreaders were not at all standard for this type of application but are now much more commonplace because of Britlift. In fact, this has made us the go-to supplier within the offsite sector.

“Since then, we have won repeat orders from VMS and also provided additional services such as engineered rigging drawings to lift every module in their project. This involved over 40 different drawings created by our in-house technical team.

“VMS has a strong focus on safety and takes lifting very seriously. Working with Britlift, they have demonstrated that investment in best practice can deliver efficiency gains as well as enhance site safety during lifting operations.

“VMS has continued to come to Britlift for more equipment and more service lead support, as well as lifting and rigging advice and general lifting safety guidance. This is where Britlift can add real value beyond simply supplying equipment. Because of the experience and expertise in our engineering team we can truly support our clients. With a team of degree-qualified mechanical and structural engineers, and a Technical Director who is a registered member of IEng and member of IStructE and MIET, Britlift can also offer a specialist engineering consultancy service solely focused on lifting.”

Based in Dorset, UK, Britlift works with a global client base, providing an end-to-end lifting equipment engineering service including design engineering, manufacture, certification, and testing. Alongside this Britlift offer lifting equipment consultancy services such as lifting tool design, bespoke lifting lugs/connections, rigging design, design only services, project witnessing/verification and more.

The company manufactures a wide range of lifting beams and frames and can design a lifting solution to suit any lifting scenario, challenge, environment, restriction or project standards. Its Traditional Modular spreader beam is also available in a variety of standard sizes.

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