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Britlift are a leading lifting equipment engineering company specialising in below the hook equipment design, manufacture, certification, testing and supply. Whether it be a lifting beam, a lifting frame, spreader beam/frame, bespoke, off-the-shelf, onshore/offshore/insure, subsea, manufacturing environment, nuclear, construction, defence, low headroom, high quality/documentation spec, international standards, 500kg or 1500 tonne (and everything in-between), Britlift can support, advise, calculate, design, fabricate, test, and certify. Advanced quality documentation available (e.g. calculations reports, ITP, weld maps, NDT/MPI), third part witness available, special paint systems available, and more.

Over 30 Years Experience

With a combined 30+ years in the niche industry of lifting equipment design and manufacture, the management team at Britlift have a wealth of experience and expertise, backed up by highly qualified coded welders, third party approved coded procedures and degree qualified mechanical/structural engineers.

Innovation in Lifting

Quality of service, product and supply is our highest priority, and the team have been trained with a “customer first” attitude to ensure we give our clients the most suitable, efficient, effective, and (above all) safest custom designed lifting equipment solution, each and every time.

With our strap line being “Innovation in Lifting”, and with the team using a combination of experience, knowledge, calculations and software, you can be confident that you will receive the best possible engineered solution from Britlift!

Britlift was created to specialise in custom and complex lifting equipment supply. We pride ourselves on our experience, customer services, flexibility, and innovative thinking, and our approach to projects means we are able to design bespoke systems and apply creative thinking to overcome complex lifting problems.

No matter the size, complexity, quality requirements, environment, or lifting challenge Britlift can support, advise, design, manufacture, test, certify and supply on time and within budget.

Based in Dorset, shipping worldwide.

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Units 9 & 10, The Quadrant, Dorset Innovation Park
United Kingdom
Company Tel: +44 (0)1305 236123
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