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We are an ISO certified company specialized in Tower Cranes, and the sole dealer for Potain Tower cranes and both GJJ/ORBIT, and PEGA material and passenger Hoists in the Middle East. We have been named the #1 Tower Crane worldwide supplier and rental company in terms of capacity by IC Tower Index in 2014. Based in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, we hold a strong regional presence in the Gulf and the Middle East. Globally, we are also present in Asia, Europe, Africa and more recently Australia; we also export to any country in the world.

We have available in stock and ready to be shipped to anywhere in the world an average of 1,500 new and used cranes as well as over 300 hoists. We also have a constant stock of 35,000 different items for cranes and hoists spare parts.

As a leader in our industry, we provide a centralized and specialized range of tower cranes, passenger hoist, construction equipment, construction tools and other systems. They are accompanied by high quality service and safe work practices. With 35 years of experience, NFT has the ability to solve all logistics and engineering problems; and enjoys a sound understanding of construction methodology, programming and financial constraints. 

NFT has in stock the MD 3200 one of the largest tower cranes in terms of lifting capacities and the world's largest self-erecting cranes: GTMR 400 and IGO T 130.

- Contact details:

o Sales enquiries: [email protected]

o Marketing enquiries: [email protected]

o Worldwide contacts: Available

o Our website: www.nftcrane.com

o Please visit our website for information about our projects


Contact Details

NFT Headquarters
P.O. Box 28037
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Company Tel: +971 2 3059800
Company Fax: +971 2 6730434
Company Email: [email protected]
Company Website: www.nftcrane.com

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Company Type: Cranes Dealer
URL: www.nftcrane.com
URL: www.nftcrane.com/content/nft-worldwide
URL: www.nftcrane.com
URL: www.nftcrane.com/content/nft-worldwide
URL: www.nftcrane.com/content/nft-worldwide
URL: www.nftcrane.com/content/nft-worldwide
URL: https://www.nftcrane.com/content/nft-worldwide
URL: https://www.nftcrane.com/content/nft-worldwide
URL: www.nftcrane.com/content/nft-worldwide

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