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Controls 28 February, 2012

Ikusi and Cervis have been collaborating in the US for ten years now, having just celebrated the anniversary of this partnership last month.

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Equipment review: Shackles 16 December, 2011

Locked and loaded
IntegriCert, owned by Vic Segura with two locations in Louisiana, has recently launched the innovative Vic-Lok Shackle. The patented Vic-Lok shackle’s...

Precision eye surgery 16 December, 2011 Shackle load cells and hand-held indicators are playing a vital role in the refurbishment of the London Eye. Overleaf, Cranes Today looks at two innovative shackles.

Rated capacity indicators ready to test 20 October, 2011 This month, the equipment review section of Cranes Today focuses on operator assistance devices. More specifically we’ll be taking a look at some of the most recently released rated capacity indicators available for mobile hydraulic cranes. Kevin Walsh reports.

Equipment review 12 April, 2011 Crane mats are used to provide machine access and stability in areas with difficult ground conditions. They also help to spread axle weight pressures evenly across the ground. Cranes Today takes a look at a selection of environmentally-friendly crane mats.

Outrigger mats go green 12 April, 2011 Since 2002, crane and outrigger mats made of tropical hardwoods, such as Azobe, Cumaru Dabema, Greenheart, Mora and Wamara, have been sustainably produced in Guyana by Guyana Timber Products (GTP), a sales organisation run by Dutch shareholders. It sells timber products that come from sustainably managed forests. Cristina Brooks reports.

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