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India the Chinese Charge
05 August, 2021
India’s lifting industry is changing from its accident-ridden past. Stuart Anderson, president of Chorley Barr Associates, sees China leading growth, the used-crane market on the wane, and welcomes...
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Back on the road 05 August, 2021 Even the best-designed cranes can have accidents. Mobile cranes especially share public roads with other vehicles so are specially vulnerable. Julian Champkin talks to the people who repair the damage.
Decades of Evolution 05 August, 2021 100-tonne all terrains - lighter, stronger, more reach and more compact - spoilt for choice! Stuart Anderson, President of Chortsey Barr Associates, reports on the evolution of the all terrain crane and the choices available today.
Heady Task in High Alps 05 August, 2021 Tight curves and hairpins; steep and narrow roads; the High Alps are demanding for any vehicle. Driving those roads with a car needs undivided focus and attention. Doing the same with a five-axle crane is a one-of-akind scenario that comes with extreme challenges for both operator and machine.
Up we go 27 July, 2021 Sotiris Kanaris talks to jack-up systems suppliers about their product portfolio and the advantages that this technology offers.
Down to zero 27 July, 2021 Battery-powered cranes have existed for decades, but the first emission free crawler cranes were only launched less than a year ago. Sotiris Kanaris reports.
Trains and cranes 27 July, 2021 HS2, Britain's new high-speed rail link, is a huge infrastructure project that demands cranes of every kind and size. Julian Champkin reports.
Focus on the boom 27 July, 2021 In early June, Link-Belt Cranes announced the launch of a new truck crane and telecrawler. Sotiris Kanaris speaks to Andrew Soper, Link-Belt’s product manager for telescopic trucks and all terrain cranes, about the new models and the US crane market.
Teamwork 27 July, 2021 Contractor Estermann has rented three Wolff flat top tower cranes, two 6031.8 Clear and a 6015.8 Clear, for the construction of the BareTower in Berne, Switzerland.
Different places, different cranes 17 June, 2021 The knuckleboom crane is a standard product, the same around the world. Or is it? Julian Champkin finds local habits die hard, and the knuckleboom has many regional forms and favourites.
Strong rebound 17 June, 2021 The demand for used mobile cranes is very strong at the moment, can supply keep up? Sotiris Kanaris reports.
Power boost 17 June, 2021 The significant increase in the size of offshore wind turbines is creating demand for ring cranes. Sotiris Kanaris reports.
Investing in Europe 17 June, 2021 Zoomlion Europe has opened a new plant in Italy, where its cranes will be manufactured. Sotiris Kanaris speaks to the newly-appointed general manager Petre Babiceanu about the new factory as well as the company’s current and future crane offering.