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Winners and losers
16 September, 2020
Lattice boom crawler manufacturers have recently updated and enhanced their portfolio, but for classes that competition from telecrawlers is lower. Sotiris Kanaris focuses on the market for capacities of 300t and lower.
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Tread Softly 16 September, 2020 Ground can give way and the results can be catastrophic. It is not only soft ground that needs mats or outrigger pads before it can support the weight of a crane lifting a load. Julian Champkin investigates.
Time and Money 15 September, 2020 Stuart Anderson, president of Chortsey Barr Associates, analyses the challenges crane companies face to comply with Covid-19 safety guidelines and finds that certain crane types offer lower contamination possibilities than others.
Survey: Impact On Rental 09 September, 2020 Cranes Today asked crane rental companies from around the world how their business has been impacted by Covid-19 and their expectations for the next six months.
Superior lifts 09 September, 2020 Superior Cranes of Rockingham, North Carolina, has used its brand new 1,250t (1,375USt) Demag CC 6800-1 for a challenging job at a petrochemical plant in Virginia.
The strongest of all 14 August, 2020 The market for all terrains with capacities of 400t or higher is served by a small number of players, who continuously enhance and update their offering. Sotiris Kanaris reports.
Northern Lifts 14 August, 2020 From lifting trees to installing wind turbines, from city centres to mountain tops, crane companies in Scandinavia have been busy in recent months. Sotiris Kanaris reports.
Minis get big ideas 13 August, 2020 Mini and spider cranes are increasingly being used for glazing and cladding jobs, previously served by larger, more expensive machines. Julian Champkin reports.
The Strong, Silent Type 13 August, 2020 German company Krandienst Kunze sent its Liebherr MK 88 Plus mobile construction crane to Dresden’s old town district to replace parts of a shopping centre’s glass roof.
Turning point 14 July, 2020 With a number of new entrants, the small market for hydraulic luffers has become crowded in the last few years. Is the evolution of this market posing a threat to traditional luffers? Sotiris Kanaris reports.
Bridging Europe 10 July, 2020 Bridges of various sizes have been installed, transported or dismantled around Europe in recent months, Sotiris Kanaris reports.
Harbouring resources 10 July, 2020 Mobile harbour cranes' versatility has made them extremely attractive to ports all over the world. Julian Champkin looks at the market.
Focus on fuel 10 July, 2020 There is a strong innovation drive among reachstacker manufacturers, as they are looking to lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Julian Champkin reports.