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A new bridge for Novi Sad
29 September, 2017
ALE has completed the launch of the first section of a new bridge in Novi Sad, Serbia, being built by Spanish contractors Azvi.
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Sarens helps bring fire from Greek mountains 29 September, 2017 In the mountainous regions of northern Greece, Sarens operators have been installing a coal power plant structure at the PPB Power Plant Ptolemaida Unit V.
Rolling in Romania 29 September, 2017 Rontransmar, the largest special transport company in Romania, has 35 axle lines of Scheurle InterCombi transporters in its fleet. Recently, it used 28 axle lines to move a 230t transformer by road and barge.
Under 300t, under pressure 29 September, 2017 Global demand for lattice boom crawler cranes has been under pressure for several years now. Stuart Anderson, president of Chortsey Barr Associates, assesses the ‘mainstream’ market ranging from 50-300t.
Danger! High Voltage! 28 September, 2017 A range of cranes and boom trucks are used for work near overhead powerlines, and safety is more critical in this sector than any other.
Diffuse demand for UK cranes 17 August, 2017 Over recent years, the recovery in the UK lifting industry has been lead by London, with demand slower across the rest of the country. At Vertikal Days, crane dealers and users told Will North that the market is now more evenly spread across the country. However, exchange rates remain a concern for some.
Ready for the boom 17 August, 2017 The boom truck crane market was negatively affected by the recent fall in oil prices, but spirits are high. Sotiris Kanaris reports.
Working within tight limits 17 August, 2017 Mobile cranes can now calculate real time loading for a full complement of outrigger positions,maximising capacity and improving safety. Bernadette Ballantyne reports.
Careful control 17 August, 2017 HBC-radiomatic has been developing and manufacturing radio systems since 1947. Today, it produces remote controls for many of the world’s leading crane companies, with a strong focus on in-house production. Will North reports.
Porr builds Munich high rises 17 August, 2017 Porr Deutschland has put four Wolff cranes to work on the Bavaria Towers project, a new high-rise complex at the gateway of the Bogenhausen district consisting of three offi ce towers and a hotel tower.
The home advantage 25 July, 2017 In the second of a two-part series, Stuart Anderson, president at Chortsey Barr, looks at the role of Chinesebased traders in selling new and secondhand domestic cranes to overseas customers.
Wolff hunts US opportunity 25 July, 2017 Wolffkran has re-entered the US market; Sotiris Kanaris talks to head of international sales Duncan Salt about the company’s strategy.
Well supported 25 July, 2017 Paola De Pascali talked with manufacturers of outrigger pads and crane mats about how their products, in combination with good site investigation and preparation, can help prevent crane accidents.

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