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Sarens team picks up pipe
13 November, 2018
Sarens used 11 mobile cranes to lift and place a 274m gas pipe in Merksem, Belgium.
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PTC 200 DS in Brazil 13 November, 2018 Mammoet has successfully completed the process of weighing, transporting and lifting the modules of the P-76 FPSO platform for the Technip-Techint consortium at the Techint Offshore Unit in Pontal do Paraná, Brazil.
Setting sail in Venice 13 November, 2018 Italian heavy transport and lifting company Fagioli used Cometto vehicles to transport a number of reactors in Italy earlier this year.
Mega Jack raises 13,000t topside 13 November, 2018 Heavylift specialist ALE has used its Mega Jack system to raise a 13,000t topside 14m in Mexico.
Truly heavy 13 November, 2018 In the first of two articles, Stuart Anderson, president of Chortsey Barr, looks at the development of heavy duty crawlers. In part two, next month, he looks in more detail at the Japanese industry, and a variety of attachments and applications for these machines
States of happiness 13 November, 2018 The crane market in North America faces steel tariffs and mid-term election uncertainties. Nevertheless, Julian Champkin finds optimism, even in hard-hit areas.
Tube banks on overhead crane 13 November, 2018 A major upgrade to one of the world’s oldest deep underground railways, at Bank in London, relies on a single overhead crane nestled in a side street. Positioning the crane, and the logistics of its operation, posed a considerable challenge. Will North reports from the site, and sees how the crane contributes to work below ground.
Gulf cranes multiply 08 October, 2018 Construction activity is strong across the Middle East, Sotiris Kanaris looks at the crane market and interesting projects in the region.
The new sweet spot 08 October, 2018 Rough terrain cranes are getting bigger. With 100USt models now the ‘sweet spot’ in the USA, 100t and 90t models are finding new markets around the world. Julian Champkin reports.
New premises, new cranes 08 October, 2018 GGR Group has been serving the glazing sector for more than two decades, being an exclusive distributor—among other products—for glass vaccum lifters, glazing robots and spider cranes manufacturers.
Reaching for the sky 08 October, 2018 Modern cities are almost defined by high-rise skyscrapers clad in glass or in pre-cast panels. Julian Champkin looks at the lifting challenges presented by their construction.
Testing the limits 19 September, 2018 As demand for heavy lifts increases, Sotiris Kanaris looks at equipment with capacities of 1,000t or more and how it has been used in the past year.
Working together 19 September, 2018 Heavy haulage contractor Salgert used six Liebherr mobile cranes for the roof construction of anindustrial building near Mechernich, Germany.