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New jack capacity
17 September, 2019
Hydraulic jacks can lift huge structures from below; strand jacks can lift them from above. Rams can push them sideways to slide along rails. Julian Champkin discovers that there is more than one way to move something heavy.
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A wider, safer working zone 17 September, 2019 In recent years, anti-collision systems have developed into new areas, offering improved integration with crane controls, cameras, and BIM systems. John Bensalhia reports.
Cranes on the factory floor 17 September, 2019 Industry needs lifting power for many regular lifting, maintenance, and one-off tasks. Julian Champkin finds spiders, minis, crawlers, and others are all used in the role.
Building a new city 17 September, 2019 Over 35 Potain tower cranes are working on the construction of the New El Alamein City, an urban development being built on Egypt’s northern coast.
High desert tower cranes 08 August, 2019 Mining has been a key feature of the Chilean economy since the earliest days. Julian Champkin finds that lifting methods have become uniquely adapted to the conditions of South America’s Southern Cone, with tower cranes operating for decades in the Atacama desert and beyond.
Blades slicing through mountains 08 August, 2019 To move more than 900 wind farm components over 200km through Chile, ALE had to carefully develop a route, including cutting into a mountain.
Brazil holds its breath 08 August, 2019 Brazil is poised to recover from economic and political crisis. Julian Champkin spoke to Paulo Carvalho of crane company Locabens
From rough to level ground 08 August, 2019 Transporting large rough terrain cranes can be challenging, but manufacturers designed their cranes in a way to aid their customers. Sotiris Kanaris reports.
Looking at your self 08 August, 2019 As the market for self-erectors has been buoyant in recent years, manufacturers have invested in enhancing and updating their ranges. Sotiris Kanaris reports.
Looking west 08 August, 2019 Turkish manufacturers have for a long time built high capacity, rear axle mounted, knucklebooms for domestic and global customers. Now one, Hidrokon, is looking to the EU as it develops fully-foldable cranes. Will North joined dealers Hidrokon Europe as they visited the company.
Ain't no mountain high enough a palfinger 08 August, 2019 A Palfinger crawler-mounted knuckleboom PCC 115.002 was used at 2,000m above sea level, to remove the old Schlossalmbahn lift supports in the Gastein Valley, Austia.
Skidding a 1760t module 17 July, 2019 Fagioli was contracted for the weighing, load out and load in operation of a 1,760t manifold module in Kazakhstan.
Mega jack reaches the places a crane can't reach 17 July, 2019 ALE has completed the jack-up, skidding and load-out of an offshore platform for the third development stage of the Vladimir Filanovsky oil field, the largest in the Russian section of the Caspian Sea.