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On home ground
21 April, 2021
Self-erecting tower cranes have established themselves as the lifting machinery of choice for housebuilding in Europe. Julian Champkin looks at their advantages.
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Who's on the right track? 21 April, 2021 Stuart Anderson, president of Chortsey Barr Associates, looks into the increased popularity of crawler-mounting and more specifically of telecrawlers. He also makes a comparison between telecrawlers and rough terrains in regards to market demand and day-to-day lifting work.
Ownership Vs Usership 15 April, 2021 Sotiris Kanaris speaks to crane finance providers about the market and finds that certain products are gaining popularity.
Crossing borders 15 April, 2021 Earlier this year, changes to Germany’s VEMAGS online permit system came into effect. Could these changes hinder international competition? Sotiris Kanaris talks to ESTA Director Ton Klijn.
Tower Crane Virtual Conference: Simplification 07 April, 2021 The focus of the presentation by commercial director at Raimondi Cranes Cristian Badin, was the simplification of the erection process through changes in crane design.
Tower Crane Virtual Conference: Building skyscrapers 07 April, 2021 Bosko Mujika, R&D manager at Jaso Tower Cranes and Andrew Coffin, Cost & Engineering manager at Australian lifting equipment provider and Jaso’s distributor Titan Cranes talked about a solution the companies co-developed for high rise construction sites with limited usable space.
Tower Crane Virtual Conference: Infrastructure 07 April, 2021 Mohamed Abouelezz, general manager sales MENA - South East Asia at Wolffkran, delivered a presentation of the evolution of tower cranes for infrastructure projects.
Tower Crane Virtual Conference: Self-erectors 26 March, 2021 David Janssen, product director at Uperio, answered the question as to whether large self-erectors can compete with small tower cranes.
Tower Crane Virtual Conference: Telematics 26 March, 2021 Director product management at Terex Tower Cranes Massimo Cappello and Steve Bradby, engineering leader at Select Plant Hire delivered a presentation on telematics as a tool for remote monitoring and fleet management.
Tower Crane Virtual Conference: Fibre Cranes 26 March, 2021 Philipp Weckerle, head of product management at Liebherr Tower Cranes delivered a presentation on the company’s Fibre Cranes.
Tower Crane Virtual Conference: Global trends 26 March, 2021 Thibaut Le Besnerais , VP, brand and product management at Manitowoc Company delivered a presentation on megatrends that are affecting the market and his company’s response to them.
Tower Crane Virtual Conference: Onshore wind 18 March, 2021 Carlos Moreno, global segment lead, Onshore Wind at Mammoet, talked about challenges associated with onshore wind installations and how tower cranes can provide solutions.
Still strong 17 March, 2021 Despite the impact of Covid-19 and fluctuating oil prices, big projects are keeping demand for mobile and tower crane in the Middle East strong. Julian Champkin reports.