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Young player
21 May, 2018
The youngest manufacturer from the ones included in this series is Remdevice, which entered the market in 2003. Like its fellow radio remote control makers, the company started with a focus on the construction industry, with its first products being the patented Brick and Pail.
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Brotherhood 21 May, 2018 The passion of brothers Evio and Angelo Cadorin for telecommunications equipment lead to the creation of IMET in 1988. The first products were initially designed for construction operations and concrete processing. In the years that followed, the company enhanced its staff and created products that met the needs of customers across a range of sectors.
Italian with Japanese attitude 21 May, 2018 ELCA was founded in 1991, at a time when the applications and use of radio remote controls were limited. The initial route to market was through Italian dealers and end users, principally serving the construction machinery sector.
Pushing innovation 21 May, 2018 Autec, founded in 1986, says it is the first Italian producer of remote controls for lifting applications. Three decades later, the company employees 200 employees worldwide and has established subsidiaries in Spain, Germany, South Korea, China, Brazil and USA.
Italians in control 18 May, 2018 Sotiris Kanaris visits Italian radio remote control manufacturers and discusses recent innovations and the state of the market.
Pre-owned, pre-loved, still valuable 17 May, 2018 The market in second-hand cranes is buoyant. We investigate the regions that want them and the types that sell well.
Single crane lifts New York Fair trusses 17 May, 2018 Roof trusses for a building at the Great New York State Fair were raised by an unusual technique. Instead of using two cranes, a Sany SCC3000 was used, with a complex arrangement of rigging points and rolling blocks to spread the load.
Lawson’s green knuckleboom 17 May, 2018 Delivering goods into inner cities by truck-mounted crane brings diesel emissions, unwanted and soon to be strictly controlled. Hiab have worked with a builders’ merchants Lawsons to produce a green solution. Julian Champkin attended the opening of the new Hiab London facility, and saw the crane.
Linden-Comansa luffer delivers for Amazon 17 May, 2018 GLY Construction is using a Linden Comansa 64t LCL700 luffer to build the Rufus 2.0 Block 21 project, part of Amazon’s new headquarters in downtown Seattle. This is the first unit of this model to arrive in the Americas, both North and South.
Nooteboom carries ballast 26 April, 2018 The six-axle Manoovr Ballasttrailer is specifically designed to ease the transport of cranes and crane ballasts
Kahl carries 535t transformer 26 April, 2018 A giant transformer moved through the streets of a German city, carried by a Goldhofer high girder bridge
Hijacked plane returns home 26 April, 2018 A Scheurle Ultralight Combi has helped carry a plane that is part of German history.
Road for rail 26 April, 2018 Faymonville has supplied a trailer to carry a large railway machine on French roads.