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Raising the Roof
03 October, 2019
The nuclear power sector continues to drive demand for the world’s biggest cranes. Julian Champkin visited Hinkley Point, where Sarens and Favco have giant cranes at work, and reports on nuclear projects around the world.
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Ready for Delivery 03 October, 2019 As Comansa planned a September open house to show off its new large flat top, the 21LC1400, Sotiris Kanaris spoke to group marketing manager Javier Militino about the new model and the company’s strategy.
Bigger and Stronger 03 October, 2019 Over the past few years, Jaso has launched a number of models across its different ranges, among them were its highest capacity models. Dick Huitema, area manager at Jaso, talks to Sotiris Kanaris about these models and the market.
Innovation Drive 03 October, 2019 A number of tower crane models are at the final stages of development at Saez’s factory, one of which claims a world title. Sotiris Kanaris talks to sales representative Juan Ballester about the upcoming launches.
A Smaller Telecrawler 03 October, 2019 For more than 50 years the concept of the telecrawler crane has intrigued the industry. Labelled, until recently, as a ‘niche’, the cranes are taking an increasing share of the market. Here, Stuart Anderson assesses the market in the smallest swing cab models, up to 30t capacity.
The Global village 03 October, 2019 As Liebherr's Ehingen plant celebrated its fiftieth anniversary this summer, Will North visited the plant and talked to three of its managing directors about the company's past and future.
Standing on water 03 October, 2019 Sarens has transported and installed a 580m bridge in Nord-Trøndelag, Norway, over the Beitstad Sound between Steinkjer and Verran.
New jack capacity 17 September, 2019 Hydraulic jacks can lift huge structures from below; strand jacks can lift them from above. Rams can push them sideways to slide along rails. Julian Champkin discovers that there is more than one way to move something heavy.
A wider, safer working zone 17 September, 2019 In recent years, anti-collision systems have developed into new areas, offering improved integration with crane controls, cameras, and BIM systems. John Bensalhia reports.
Cranes on the factory floor 17 September, 2019 Industry needs lifting power for many regular lifting, maintenance, and one-off tasks. Julian Champkin finds spiders, minis, crawlers, and others are all used in the role.
Building a new city 17 September, 2019 Over 35 Potain tower cranes are working on the construction of the New El Alamein City, an urban development being built on Egypt’s northern coast.
High desert tower cranes 08 August, 2019 Mining has been a key feature of the Chilean economy since the earliest days. Julian Champkin finds that lifting methods have become uniquely adapted to the conditions of South America’s Southern Cone, with tower cranes operating for decades in the Atacama desert and beyond.
Blades slicing through mountains 08 August, 2019 To move more than 900 wind farm components over 200km through Chile, ALE had to carefully develop a route, including cutting into a mountain.