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Towering upwards
13 January, 2021
Tower cranes are ubiquitous; every city seems to have several on its skyline. But getting them erected to do their tasks—and dismantling them afterwards—calls for the help of all terrain cranes....
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Reaching the limit? 13 January, 2021 The wind turbines are getting bigger, leading to the deployment of higher capacity cranes for their installation. Are we reaching the limit as to the way the crane industry can serve this market? Sotiris Kanaris reports
USA keeps lifting 13 January, 2021 The USA has been one of the worst hit countries by the coronavirus pandemic globally, which has inevitably affected construction activity with delays in projects and downtime. In addition, the sector faced the uncertainty that accompanies a presidential election.
Family heritage 11 January, 2021 With heavy lifting at the core of its business, Lampson International developed its own Transi-Lift cranes to meet demand for lifting capacities up to 3,000USt. Simon Hastelow talks to director of PR and communications Kate Lampson.
Continuous growth 11 January, 2021 Morrow Equipment Company operates from 23 locations worldwide and maintains the largest fleet of tower cranes in North America. Simon Hastelow talks to Peter Juhren, president and chief operating officer, about the current US rental market.
Staying on track 04 December, 2020 The truck-mounted crane is a simple solution to many lifting problems. Julian Champkin finds a growing market for a flexible friend.
Planning ahead 04 December, 2020 Lift planning software originally gave crane operators and contractors the ability to document tricky lifts and explore any parameters that could become a safety issue. Now, they are so versatile with added 3D rendering that the plans can even be used as marketing aids when competing for a contract. Simon Hastelow reports.
Booming market 04 December, 2020 The mobile crane market in Australia and New Zealand performed well in 2020, despite the direct and indirect effects of the pandemic. In the case of Australia, the government has played a key role. Sotiris Kanaris reports.
Strong and flexible 04 December, 2020 Simon Marr, managing director of the Men from Marr’s, talks to Sotiris Kanaris about designing heavy lift luffers and providing solutions to demanding projects around the world.
Floating five-axle crane 04 December, 2020 Crane contractor Movitram Grúas delivered an LTM 1220-5.2 to the mountainous and forested coffee region in Colombia to install a bridge, with the 220t Liebherr all terrain crane travelling 8km on the Rio Cauca on a barge.
Simple can be beautiful 16 November, 2020 Julian Champkin looks at the knuckleboom market and finds that though sophistication can be sought-after, and increasing size brings new roles, there is still a demand for the basic and simple.
On the comeback trail 16 November, 2020 Fibre ropes of one kind or another have been used for millennia before iron took over. Steel wire has enjoyed a monopoly in some sectors for almost two centuries. But is fibre about to mount a historic comeback? Simon Hastelow reports.
Past and future 06 November, 2020 Alexander Jost, managing director of tower crane manufacturer Jost Cranes, talks to Sotiris Kanaris about the company’s past, present and future.