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Building bridges
16 September, 2022
The passing of Biden’s infrastructure bill is already resulting in an upsurge in bridge building across the USA. Cranes Today reports.
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Engineering success 16 September, 2022 Examining the development of the tower crane sector illuminates the state of both its current and future health. Stuart Anderson reports.
Hot property 16 September, 2022 Mixed-use mega developments are popping up worldwide providing long-term work for a whole host of crane types. Julian Champkin reports.
Chorus of cranes 16 September, 2022 Seven Potain top-slewing cranes, plus two Potain self-erectors, help build Italian smart city.
Energising the industry 01 September, 2022 Wind power work continues to be a key driver of demand for special transport equipment and services; this is bolstered by more traditional power generation and other industries. Cranes Today reports.
Future thinking 01 September, 2022 The paradox is, in order to increase our production of renewable zero carbon energy we need to mine more metal and minerals than required for traditional energy sources. Cranes Today looks at the lifting industry’s response to the carbon-zero imperative in mining applications.
All terrain buyers want what?! 01 September, 2022 What do all terrain crane users actually want? Is it higher capacity machines? Cranes with all-singing, all-dancing digital tech that calculates everything? Or do they just want basic assemblies of steel and wire rope than can lift as great a load as possible and do it on fewer axles than before? Julian Champkin investigates.
Raising the bar 01 September, 2022 The second lift for crane and heavy haulage contractor MaxiKraft’s new Liebherr LR 11000 crawler crane was a 200 tonne crane girder at a steel casting plant.
Mixed markets 22 July, 2022 Market analysis and trend detection, for tower and mobile cranes, across the Indian sub-continent, China and SE Asia. Stuart Anderson reports.
Rough terrains in transition 22 July, 2022 Rough terrains will in future be powered by electricity or hydrogen. For the present, they are moving towards greener and more efficient operation. Julian Champkin reports.
Different strokes 22 July, 2022 Building onshore wind farms demands high lifts in limited spaces at remote locations in strong winds. Julian Champkin looks at the challenges and various approaches.
Building Kentucky's tallest bridge 22 July, 2022 An incremental bridge launching approach was used by Kentucky, USA-based contractor Bush and Burchett to build the Pond Creek Bridge on US460 in Pike County, Kentucky.
Ensuring site safety 17 June, 2022 Heavy lift engineers Mustafa Al Abdulmohsin and Hussain Al Nassir, part of oil and gas company Saudi Aramco’s Heavy Lift Engineering Group, a division of its Transportation and Equipment Services Department, explain how the company is taking heavy equipment safety to new levels.