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Innovation in the middle
26 February, 2024
The mid-range of the lattice crawler sector offers a balance between lifting power and ease of set up and use. These are workhorse cranes with less complexity than their heavy weight counterparts....
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Above and beyond 26 February, 2024 Investment in new facilities and continuing product innovation demonstrate a vibrant knuckleboom sector. Cranes Today reports.
Lift long and prosper 26 February, 2024 Safety and training go together. A trained operator is a safe operator; an untrained one is positively dangerous. Julian Champkin reports on developments.
Towering above 24 January, 2024 High-rise buildings need high-rise cranes. Julian Champkin looks at flat-tops and new designs of luffers.
Great gusto 24 January, 2024 Felbermayr replaces a wind turbine gearbox atop a mountain ridge despite increasing wind speeds.
The way ahead 24 January, 2024 You would think a safe and secure place to park for the night would be a given when transporting abnormal loads across Europe. You’d be wrong. ESTA and ESPORG, however, are looking to change things. Christian Shelton reports.
Shaping the future 24 January, 2024 German-Swiss multinational equipment manufacturer Liebherr might be approaching 80-years-old but it’s at the cutting edge of the digital era and actively shaping the future. Christian Shelton reports.
Mini cranes break big 27 December, 2023 Mini cranes are becoming established at last – even in the USA, where size traditionally matters most. Julian Champkin reports.
Faster, greener, homes 27 December, 2023 Around the world housing supply fails to keep up with demand. The crane industry is playing its part with new cranes that focus on fast, low- and zero-emissions equipment, that meet the needs of tradespeople and delivery drivers across the sector. Will North reports.
Evolution in the east 27 December, 2023 One of the oldest crane manufacturers in the Far East is Japanese company Tadano. Tadano was founded in 1919 (August 29th, to be precise) and has a long history in the design, manufacture, and sale of hydraulic cranes. The company has played a significant role in the development of lifting equipment in the Far East and is recognised as one of the leading crane manufacturers globally. We asked the company a few questions about the current state of business in its home market…
French Film Premiere 27 December, 2023 French lifting and transport company Gil & Fils Levage used the latest addition to its fleet, a Palfinger PK 165.002 TEC 7 mounted on a Scania 8x4 double drive, to deliver preassembled glass panels to a cinema in Rumilly, east of Lyon, France.
Keep on trucking 27 November, 2023 When is a truck crane not a truck crane? Julian Champkin is slightly baffled.
Italian Style 27 November, 2023 Buoyed by government incentives positivity abounds in the Italian lifting market, as manifest at the recent record-breaking GIS show. Christian Shelton reports