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Simple can be beautiful
16 November, 2020
Julian Champkin looks at the knuckleboom market and finds that though sophistication can be sought-after, and increasing size brings new roles, there is still a demand for the basic and simple.
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On the comeback trail 16 November, 2020 Fibre ropes of one kind or another have been used for millennia before iron took over. Steel wire has enjoyed a monopoly in some sectors for almost two centuries. But is fibre about to mount a historic comeback? Simon Hastelow reports.
Past and future 06 November, 2020 Alexander Jost, managing director of tower crane manufacturer Jost Cranes, talks to Sotiris Kanaris about the company’s past, present and future.
Focus on technology 06 November, 2020 BKL has grown to become one of the largest crane rental companies in Europe. CEO Jörg Hegestweiler talks to Sotiris Kanaris about the company’s strategy and trends in the German market.
A change for the better 06 November, 2020 Sotiris Kanaris talks to Jens Ennen—CEO at Tadano Demag GmbH and Tadano Faun GmbH—about the two companies’ restructuring program and strategy. Tadano Demag’s Frank Schröder, director product management all terrain cranes, and Vincent Stenger, product manager telecrawlers, discuss the latest product innovations.
New player 06 November, 2020 Italian aerial work platform and earth moving equipment manufacturer Palazzani Industrie has officially entered the crane market, with the launch of the RPG spider crane range.
It's all about self 07 October, 2020 The self-erecting crane has long been familiar in Europe, often used for low-rise building projects. But in the US, boomtrucks and other cranes occupy that niche. Julian Champkin asks why the self-erector has not penetrated that market.
Crane, camera, action 07 October, 2020 Crane mounted camera systems are no longer considered to be purely an operator aid; they have just about become the default minimum standard for many contractors and crane rental companies. Contractors are embracing the technology to boost productivity, using analytics to monitor and document crane operations. Simon Hastelow reports.
Cranes got game 07 October, 2020 Cranes of different capacities and types have been deployed for stadium projects around the world over the past year. Sotiris Kanaris reports.
Moving swiftly 07 October, 2020 In the March issue of the magazine, we covered part of the construction of the Hisingsbron vertical-lift bridge in Gothenburg, Sweden, by the Skanska MT Højgaard joint venture. The article at the time focused on the lifting of bridge sections.
Winners and losers 16 September, 2020 Lattice boom crawler manufacturers have recently updated and enhanced their portfolio, but for classes that competition from telecrawlers is lower. Sotiris Kanaris focuses on the market for capacities of 300t and lower.
Tread Softly 16 September, 2020 Ground can give way and the results can be catastrophic. It is not only soft ground that needs mats or outrigger pads before it can support the weight of a crane lifting a load. Julian Champkin investigates.
Time and Money 15 September, 2020 Stuart Anderson, president of Chortsey Barr Associates, analyses the challenges crane companies face to comply with Covid-19 safety guidelines and finds that certain crane types offer lower contamination possibilities than others.